Vineyard & RMH Wines

“A difficult grape to grow, this native of the Burgundy region of France achieves greatness in only a handful of places worldwide, and the Russian River Valley is one of those places. Our Pinot-perfect climate combined with an amazing complexity of soil types, results in wines that reflect their individual sites but share a common thread. Aromas tend to be bright, focused fruit, ranging from wild strawberries and raspberries to red and black cherries. Notes of cola and baking spices are common. In the mouth they are rich and velvety, with their high degree of ripeness, kept in check by bright acidity.”

Russian River Valley Winegrowers


Our location in the heart of the Russian River Valley, low on the ridge bordering the river, at the foot of Mt. Jackson, yearns for the Pinot noir grape.  In 2010, we converted one small part of River Myst Haven to an organically grown vineyard featuring this gem of a grape.

The vines are growing beautifully and are being well cultivated by Rick Moshin and his crew from Moshin Vineyards Winery (our partner and good neighbor), maker of some of the finest wines in Sonoma County.  Starting with a small initial harvest on August 26, 2013, we expect this small piece of our paradise to produce a wonderful wine.

Also, staring in 2012, we began acquiring some wonderful Pinot noir grapes grown just up the road, within walking distance of River Myst Haven.  This inaugural crush launched our RMH Wines label, which will continue to develop as we find the just the right inspiration, of grapes and location, to manifest the perfection of the Russian River Valley.